Mona Lisa Bistro - Marbella - Spain

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Latteart 6 Mona Lisa Bistro teaches
Latte Art courses.
Literally means "the art of decoration through the use of milk"
Latteart 9 Carefully and properly foamed milk can be applied to transform cappuccinos and specialty coffees into works of art
The art processing and presentation of coffee and cappuccino  IMG 4895 Lots of practice to achieve leaf, tulip, heart, dragon, bear and other figures that will impress your clients, will only make you great! IMG 4918
IMG 4891  Pay attention students we may be asking questions!!!! IMG 4894 Understanding the basics of how to froth milk perfectly
Corrado is the master of true Italian coffee Latteart 11 Want to participate ? Please contact us for more information IMG 4922
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