Mona Lisa Bistro - Marbella - Spain

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Surprise your friends, or make a gift to a particular person. You want to throw a party at your home but you don't know what or how to cook? You have guests for dinner and little time to prepare? Want to surprise your friends with a fabulous al fresco lunch? We can cook any kind of dish for you, from the simplest to the most elaborate and we can prepare everything according to your requests. For any event, party, anniversary or birthday etc. We can place our chef in your home and together we can devise a menu that suits you and your family, whatever the occassion or food style preference. Mona Lisa Bistro is the perfect accomplice to completely personalise fresh quality food for you and your friends, in your own home or venue without uneccessary worry or stress.
You will be served at the table like any fine dining experience, all in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.
For you it will be like going to a fine restaurant whilst maintaining the comfort and familiarity of your home or surroundings.


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Luis Vazquez


Raquel Serralvo

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